Thursday, June 04, 2009

Rainy range

We've been blessed with a rainy spring and the animals respond accordingly. This is the yearling Aziat Rant playing with Rena, the two-year old Akbash (the all white one), this morning as the sun was coming up over the Wind Rivers.

I knew when they walked up to each other nose-to-nose that play fights would soon break out. The lambs grazed along contentedly, completely unconcerned with the big dogs nearby.

When the dogs got tired of playing, it was back to guard duty. Rant loves his lambs and checks them frequently. Since it rained all night, everyone was wet and dirty.

And over on the lambing ground, the burros guard the back fenceline from intruders. When the herd moves down to the riverbottom for water and rest mid-morning, the burros always walk along the back fence before heading down - doing that one final check. Then they join the herd again, roll in the good dirt, and take naps until late in the afternoon when grazing begins again.

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