Saturday, July 25, 2009

Evening in the pastures

Final check of the day today was beautiful, with stormy skies and a breeze. The sheep and their burros were down by the river, munching on greasewood and bluegrass. Never got a photo of the guard dogs, since they were getting fed at camp nearby.

On our way out of the pasture, flushed two red-tailed hawks from their nesting tree, drove by the female kestrel that hangs out on the fence, and saw a prairie falcon hanging out near where I saw a brood of young sage grouse having a dust bath yesterday.

When we pulled into our driveway, a couple of the rams were posing, and I couldn't resist. Handsome boys they are.

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Anonymous said...

Gotta love this post, and the pictures. Here in Indiana, our Department of Natural Resources recommends for protecting flocks from Coyotes; a)dogs b)donkeys c)Llama.

I've seen llama guarding a flock about 30 or so miles from my home and it is a thing of beauty to watch. In some strange, surreal way, they remind me of the cartoon character Old English Sheepdogs who were chronicled as they protected their flock from "wolves in sheep's clothing."

The Indiana llamas herd their sheep into various sections of pasture during the day, and will then find a nice little grassy knoll or hill and stand guard atop the high ground. I don't think I'd argue with them over their sheep, nor apparently will the Coyote who are becoming very populous here in Indiana.

My very best llama story is watching a Great Pyrenees (they're popular in Indiana as well) trying to herd llama. Talk about the classic power struggle .. and a very frustrated big white dog who finally just gave up and barked at the Ilamas.

You've shared beautiful images, both photographic and verbal