Wednesday, September 09, 2009


From a few overwhelming weeks-- broken ribs (now tolerable, but not conducive to much but insomnia) a sick dog (Coronavirus, now totally recovered but scary enough for a midnight emergency run) a sick pigeon, a recalcitrant if friendly hawk (maybe the warm weather is keeping her weight up but I am beginning to think she is a "Breathairian"). Add Many guests, a new writing project or perhaps two, some other projects (butchered a sheep) and you get enough distraction that I didn't know whether I was coming or going. I haven't even gotten my license or opened dove season yet!


I have lots of links to the sublime, the ridiculous, and the infuriating, as well as two whole posts that probably fall under the ridiculous heading.

I have , of course, update photos for dog & bird.

I have three virtual "photoessays": the sheep butchering (courtesy of Peculiar, who has found he wields a mean Saws- All as well as a camera); a trip by Vadim Gorbatov and his son Andrei in southern Kazakhstan; and some of John Burchard's photos of historical falconry in Arabia, if he permits.

I would also like to congratulate MDMNM and his bride, the lovely Amelia, whose wedding I missed due to those ribs, and Lauren McGough of Aquiling, who is off this weekend to spend ten months in Bayaan Olgii, Mongolia, on a Fulbright, to become an eagler's apprentice and the first female Berkutchi.

Finally, I hope to review some long- overdue books-- I'll list and recommend them in another post, then see if I can write more.

Expect some of this this afternoon but not all-- it is still uncomfortable to type for long stretches.

Oh and: Lib reminds me that courtesy of Tim Gallagher I am now on the masthead of Living Bird magazine, as a contributing editor. It is an honor.

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mdmnm said...

Thanks, Steve!

We missed you all at the do and hope you're healing right up.