Friday, September 11, 2009

Glamour shots

Every now and then, I need "glamour" photos to promote my appearances at book signings/festivals, so I turned the camera over to husband Jim last night. Since most of my books are for kids and are about animals, all my glamour shots involve critters as well. I like the photo posted above. Roo is the red burro, and the dark one with the beautiful eyes is Hillary. The marks on their necks are their freeze brands, since they were wild burros in Nevada that were removed from the range.

But darling Rena decided she needed to kiss the burros as well. Here she is kissing on Roo:

Roo loves cuddling, and in this photo she has completely melted on me, getting ready to start grooming my shoulder. She's about three years old now.

{The End}

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