Wednesday, September 09, 2009

San Juan Islands

Connie and I recently returned from a trip to northwestern Washington, where we attended our niece's wedding. Connie has three older brothers who live in that part of the state, Terry in Seattle, Tim in Bellingham, and Jeff in the countryside east of Blaine.

Terry had recently bought a small farm on Lopez Island, out in the San Juans, and was anxious for us to come up and see it. He was out on the island, working on some projects (he is a stonemason with a contracting business) so we flew into Seattle and drove up to Anacortes to catch the ferry to get to the island (see above).

It was quite a process getting everyone and everything on board. A round-trip ticket cost about $36. We were blessed with beautiful weather and the scenery is hard to believe.

We saw this tanker on its way in to Anacortes, which is a big oil terminal.

I took this view of Mt. Baker looking east from the ferry. The ferry threaded its way between the small islands covered with forest and scads of small boats out for the day.

This last guy looked like he really had it made, living on this beautiful old wooden boat, towing his runabout, and carrying his mountain bike on the top deck.

Finally we came into the landing at Lopez Island. Apparently we just missed four bald eagles who had been buzzing the area.

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Cat Urbigkit said...

Great photos. Now how about sharing some shots of that farm?