Monday, October 12, 2009

Dogs at work

Whenever you put a herd of sheep into a set of pens or corrals to work them, that means that there are grumpy guard dogs hanging around outside the pens, and happy working herding dogs inside the pens. The photo above shows a young male dog trying to suck up to Vega, top dog.
The photo below is Vega's sister Helga, who is very grumpy that someone is messing with her sheep. She sulked around outside the pens all morning last week as we sorted and loaded lambs.

Helga did come to me to be comforted. What a pretty face. You can see the frost on the vegetation covering the ground around her.

This cutie is a bearded collie, and he is desperately looking for his friend, the Nepalese herder Ramu. The dog quickly jumped over two fences to get back with his work partner.

This is a border collie/bearded collie pup, working with Prem. This pup lives to work, and barks with excitement as he works the herd.

These two dogs are in a stand-off and staring contest with the ewes. The dog won. The dog with lots of white is another bearded collie cross. They are great dogs for working sheep since they are rather "soft mouthed" with sheep, something I appreciate.


Anonymous said...

Cat, Brilliant,,all of it.

All of you get my highest accolades,,

Maggie in WI

Cat Urbigkit said...

Thanks so much Maggie!