Sunday, November 22, 2009

Five weeks

My warped husband has decided to name Vega's three livestock guardian dog pups after his siblings, Bill, Mikey and Laurie. This is Laurie visiting with Rena. Rena loves playing with the pups, now that Vega has decided Rena can be trusted with them.

Laurie's big feet and big muzzle are typical guardian dog charateristics.

Five weeks old, and Laurie acts like a big dog. She has no idea she is not.

Laurie and Mikey growl as they feast on a turkey wing held by Jim.

Laurie came in the house to help me with a piece of turkey. (We had our Thanksgiving feast today, since Cass was home from college. On Thanksgiving Day, he'll be rock climbing in Moab.)

Bill is a giant, and very serious.

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