Sunday, January 10, 2010

Border guards

We arrived back at the sheep pasture this afternoon to find a quiet standoff in progress. Two young bull moose were in the pasture, but the three burros were lined up in a row, forming a border between the sheep herd and the moose. What I love about this photo are the magpies on the butt of the burro in the middle. (Click on the photo for a larger view.)

These two moose are well known in the sheep pasture. They've been lurking around on the other side of the river, watching me do chores, and sulking about the dogs not letting them into the haystack. The dogs leave the moose alone, as long as they keep their distance. Today was just another day in the neighborhood, and the moose finally went on their way into the next pasture.


Neutrino Cannon said...

"That very afternoon Sheriff Magpie and his deputy rode out to the edge of Sheeptown on their trusty donkey. It was just as he thought; the Moose Brothers were fixin' to start a ruckus."

Cat Urbigkit said...

Now that was funny!