Thursday, January 07, 2010


Thanks to all of your generous help, Irbis is on the way to recovery.

he is not at all sure about the collar.

But he is even walking!

Thanks to Jeff Nicoll, Reid & Connie Farmer, Matt Mullenix, Cat Urbigkit, Chris Markle, Kathy Bentzoni, Anne, Chas Clifton, Stacey Patterson, Bill & Katie, Joan Holdsworthy, Mike Wilborn, Dave Dixon, Gary Moody and Oriana Rodman, Mike & Amelia, Paul Domski, "Johnnie UK", Sy Montgomery, Sherri Beregovoy, Laura Belkin, Jennifer Kent, Marty & David, Maggie Jones, LabRat & Stingray, Dan & Margaret, Terence & Karen, and AT LEAST four large donors who either wanted to be anonymous or were not recorded by the vet's front office.

If I don't have your address send it to me or to Peculiar-- he is planning a photo for our pup's saviors.


Anonymous said...

Hi Steve , Libby and Irbis

Great pic of "Mom" Libby and Irbis relaxing on the sofa.

Walking too- just goes to show how resilient dogs can be! - Hope he continues to progress as he started!!

Best to All


Larissa said...

poor sweet Irbis!!

Mary Ann said...

He looks fabulous. I think he will recover and years from now you will never even be able to remember which leg was broken. He is a beautiful dog. I am so happy to have been able to help. Mary Ann

Stella, Gunther & Betty said...

It's really wonderful to see Irbis not only home with you, but actually up and walking! That's wonderful news.

Keep up the good work Irbis!

Shannon and the gang

D said...
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Max Inclined said...

Steve & Libby: Sorry, I didn't read about this or Irbis's need for assistance until just today. I'm glad you were able to meet your goal and get him fixed up. Friends are a wonderful thing.