Monday, February 08, 2010

New Arrival

My daughter Lauren and her husband Zach are pleased to announce the arrival of their first child and our first grandchild, Isabella Rosalie Wilson, born last Monday in Long Beach, CA. Isabella was 8 lb 14 oz and 22 inches long with dark curly hair. Mom and baby are doing fine.

Connie and I are out here on the coast on a mixed business and baby viewing trip. I'll be back in Denver later this week.


Camera Trap Codger said...

Congratulations to the parents, and to Gramps, too. The fun is just beginning.

PBurns said...

Congrats to all!

What a wonderful world to be born into. Remember

, when we were kids we did not have color TV, faxes, cell phones, casettes (or even reel-to-reel), CDs, the Internet, or Cherry Garia icecream.

And we did not have as much wildlife either.

The direction and velocity are pretty good for all that (sometimes we forget!).

May the wind always be underneath her wings.


Matt Mullenix said...

Fantastic! Gorgeous baby!

Anonymous said...

All the best for Isabella and her family!

Anne in Va

Cat Urbigkit said...

Jim and I keep coming back for another look at Isabella. She really is a beautiful baby - no wrinkles, lots of hair, pretty precious face.