Saturday, February 27, 2010


Cat's post below suggested a follow- up from here. Handguns are such a common tool in the west that one forgets that they seem alien in England or on the coasts.

Here are two favorites. The "pretty" one is a stainless steel old- style (no trigger lock) Smith and Wesson Mountain Gun with custom walnut stocks by Steve Herrett in Idaho, in .44 magnum. It is a good compromise of "carryability" and power-- there are much more powerful cartridges these days but their recoil mandates a gun that is awkward to tote. This is my favorite trail gun in places with dangerous beasts.

The other is the opposite in esthetics: a Ruger Light Carry Revolver in .38, ultramodern, made mainly of synthetic materials, ugly but practical, made to be light enough to carry without even noticing it-- Libby's pick for a defense gun, though not a bad trail gun IF you don;t expect grizzlies.

And here is the Smith in its El Paso thumbbreak holster; I also have a "tanker" shoulder rig.


mdmnm said...

Those are some really pretty stocks on that Smith. How is the recoil from that little Ruger?

Steve Bodio said...

Stiff! I wouldn't use +P loads.

Chas S. Clifton said...

Libby decided that that Detective Special was too heavy and went with the lighter frame?

I sympathize: I picked up a Taurus titanium-alloy frame in .32 Magnum myself a few years back.

Steve Bodio said...

Lib is a fanatic for light-- at first she wanted one of those little Freedom Arms .22's but the Ruger's feather weight persuaded her.

Chas S. Clifton said...

"Lib is a fanatic for light"

Must be the backpacking and climbing her background. Did she used to saw the handle off her toothbrush? :-)

Andrea Peacock said...

Can't find your email or phone, but Doug and I are in Socorro today, tonight, for a Round River meeting. Hoping you and Libby can join us for dinner? My cell is 406-223-8848.

Dennis said...

I have those exact same revolvers and must say that they do indeed bridge a long gap of practical uses.
Please visit my blog:

Steve Bodio said...

Keep us posted on your Sahara adventures!

Dennis said...

Thank you for your interest in my blog. I have enjoyed reading your posts for a about a year. The first article that caught my eye was about Montague Stevens’ book Meet Mr. Grizzly.
A reader named Richard made a post a couple of days ago and mentioned that he has some autographed copies of that book. If anyone can put me in touch with Richard I would surely appreciate it.
I would also like to mention that I am familiar with Magdalena. My grandfather lived there for a while.
Thanks again, Dennis

Steve Bodio said...

Dennis: see if that commenter on the Meet Mr Grizzly post has an address to click on.

You asked (there?) if Peterson has any more Mannlicher stocked guns. Mine is not-- just looks that way in the photo-- stock ends at the barrel swivel. But though they turn over fast Ron often has good German guns including Mannlicher types. I'd call and ask. Travis is particularly knowledgeable.

Dennis said...

Thanks for all the info Steve.