Friday, April 16, 2010


Checking on the sheep herd in the pickup truck today, I drove near our currently vacant osprey nesting platform, which was installed by the power company in response to several fried birds and numerous power outages. I used the opportunity to shut off the motor and and read a first-draft manuscript aloud to Rena the guardian dog. Things were going well, with Rena listening attentively, when the osprey pair returned. The camera was on the dash, so I got a few images. Obviously, the birds were traumatized by my presence.


Anonymous said...

I *think* I saw an osprey fly over our place just the other day. The sun was in my eyes so I couldn't be sure - but I don't know what other raptor here would be that bright white when seen from below.

tedc said...

I have fond memories of watching Osprey fish to feed their young. Please keep us informed if this nest is successful.

Cat Urbigkit said...

This pair have taken over the nest, although there is a third osprey hanging around nearby as well. This nest is successful every year.