Monday, May 24, 2010

Catching Up

I have been more than busy-- PT, weight lifting, starting to walk again, keeping the little bird handled after some neglect, breeding and crossing pouter pigeons for our new "North American pouter" project (pix soon), trying to arrange getting "my" (not yet) Aplomado in. At least we are not having puppies!

Health is generally improving. Weights are making the most difference-- thanks again Mark!-- and perhaps meds. Did I mention Magdalena has a fully equipped gym? Now I have to find some minimal kit of bench and free weights so I can be independent if I ever have to, on the same principle as garden, apple trees, woodpile, elk, SKS, .22, cheap bulk "East Bloc Ammo" (scroll way down in James McMurty's Choctaw Bingo), but having a talented trainer to learn from has made a real difference.

I am learning from voice dictation software-- thanks Mary Anne!-- which sometimes is amazing, and sometimes just won't go at all. (I am not using it on the blog yet because even the manual warns cut & paste can be funky, and I am a little leery of trying to spell out HTML). At its best it is amazing but you never forget it has a computer "brain". I unthinkingly said "Annie Proulx" to it, winced at the idea of what it would make of that, and sat amazed as it SPELLED HER NAME RIGHT. Then went nuts as it repeatedly substituted "any" for "Annie" when I tried to use just her first name!

I haven't been on the web as much-- too much sitting is not good-- but have still accumulated an enormous backlog of links-- I'll start next post. I also have some amusing photos of guns and a car (!) and need to get some ofpigeons, dogs, and falcons. To work!


Chas S. Clifton said...

A car? That runs? Hope so.

Steve Bodio said...

Hah! No one that was totalled in 1967.

Joe Novak said...

Mr. Bodio,
I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am that you're doing well, and adapting positively to a what must be a very difficult diagnosis. My name is Joe Novak, and I discovered your book On The Edge of the Wild about two years ago. Amazingly enough, I found it in a Junior College Library in the middle of Orange County, CA! I'm a transplant here from rural Pennsylvania, and finding that book kept the love and admiration that I cultivated for the outdoors during my youth at home alive and burning, while living in the epitome of an area devoid of such. It put into words everything I've every felt about hunting or fishing or anything else that reminds us that humans are still part of it all. It truly is my favorite book. I've also come to really enjoy your blog as well, and it was with a heavy heart that I read of your diagnosis. I guess technology has a way of introducing us while never meeting. I sincerely hope for your continued progress, and be assured that there are some of a younger generation that take to heart your ideals.
Joe Novak

Steve Bodio said...

Thanks Joe -- this is the kind of thing that writers live for.

I continue to make good progress, and will keep everybody informed. Watch this space -- as I get better with the voice dictation, I'll be blogging more.