Monday, November 08, 2010

A Commonplace Book

For years I have kept what the English call a commonplace book, a place to write down quotes. I gave it up a few years ago, but have started up again. Re- reading it (or them; I have several volumes), I have discovered things worth adding to the blog, from the whimsical to the serious. I'll spread some over a few posts, and maybe return later for more samples.

First, two which served as epigrams for an unpublished novel, from the English "travel" writer James Hamilton Patterson and the late novelist Sybille Bedford:

(From JHP): "Virtue and the wild share no common universe." (Get your mind around that...)

(From SB): "I became intoxicated by their company, and was hard put to keep up, pretending that I, too, had always lived dangerously."


Chad Love said...

Steve, I have to admit I've never heard of the idea, but I love it. A commonplace book. I think you've inspired me to start one.

mdmnm said...

Excerpts like this definitely ought to be a regular feature at Q! The Bedford quote implies all sorts of stories.

Steve Bodio said...

Chad: you will enjoy it-- it is addictive and enormous fun to look over later. Mike: I figured that out and intend to-- plenty to "mine". And yes, BOTH those quotes can be, and should be, a bit ominous...

Old Gunkie in Wyoming said...

You posting about the commonplace books inspired me to write about a favorite quote from Huish Edye.

Commonplace books
and a quote from Huish Edye