Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Ali Hasnain hunts in a slightly grander and very traditional way-- on a friend's estate, with beaters! (His rookie of the year, Sonya, is listening alertly for them in the pic). This hunt took place in a watery oasis in desert country. We hope to get more reports from him including on falconry if he joins other friends in wide- open Baluchistan later in the season.


Anonymous said...

What quarry is being pursued in those photos? Seems like heavy cover.


Steve Bodio said...

Interestingly, hares. Ali says;

"In the terrain I've hunted in so far in Pakistan, there's always been cover near by for the hare to disappear around or into. Its a matter of degree, really. When we are in more stony desert areas there are large clumps of cactus that are often over 10 feet across, and thorn bushes, etc that proved a means of escape from sight hounds. In the more agricultural areas, there are hedges or other cover. So I guess here, hare = rabbit in Mark's domain. The opportunity to course over distance, to wear it down, generally hasn't happened where I've hunted so far. That said, I'm looking forward to more open sandy terrain where sight hounds can see their quarry over a greater horizon - the sandy plains in Baluchistan & Thar."