Saturday, January 22, 2011

Far Away and Long Ago: Family with Megafauna

Just for fun: a shelf in the library has accumulated a bunch of photos with this theme, dating from the thirties (Betsy Huntington) to just eleven years ago (me). Here are a few.

First, Betsy, at four, with her mother, at the Pyramids:

Second, Libby on an elephant, in the early seventies, at TIGERtops (see below) in Nepal; looking for tigers, of course.

Me in Zimbabwe in '97, just before it all went to hell, with an orphaned rhino. God, I look like Redmond O'Hanlon-- Anglos in the tropics, fat and sweat and curly hair, oh my. (The head ranger there, when I asked him why he was successful, answered with great gusto and a big grin "because I kill so many poachers". Tough neighborhood).

Finally (horses are technically megafauna) a more familiar strange road: Bayaan Olgii 2000, second Mongolian "expedition", chasin' eagles near Ulaan Hus with Bolatbek's relatives.


Josh said...

Horses are megafauna, yes, and that one pushes the definition a tad, no?

Steve Bodio said...

You're right Josh- at about 13 hands "mega" may not be quite appropriate...