Saturday, January 08, 2011

Pistolero Query

Here are a couple of photos of my Smith and Wesson .22 revolver. I assume it is an early (post 1953) M32 "Kit Gun"-- "assume" because it has no markings other than "22 long rifle cartridge"; "early" because of the two pins near the top of the frame behind the cylinder and the style of the cylinder release. I also assume it is a J frame, and despite the rounded edges of the butt technically a "square" rather than the (much more curved) round butt model.

Can any readers (Arthur?) tell me more? Not much Internet info on this most practical little gun, and more would help in ordering aftermarket grips...


Chas S. Clifton said...

You know the source for All Thing Smith & Wesson.

Steve Bodio said...

Thanks Chas-- unfortunately not much on the Kit Gun there-- and the one mentioned is a snubby round- butt. I think she prefers bigger calibers (;-)

ZerCool said...

The 22/32 "Kit gun" is a dandy S&W. It is, indeed, a square-butt - a round butt actually curves back towards the front of the gun.

It looks to be at least a 4-screw, in S&W parlance - can't tell if there is a fifth screw (in front of the trigger guard, on the underside of the frame) from those pictures.

If it's pre-1960 (and I think it is), it's an "I" frame gun.

Xavier has some good info, and you should also try the Smith & Wesson Forum.

Hope this helps some.

Neutrino Cannon said...

Ah, Chas beat me to it; Tamara would be the person to ask about all thing Smith and Wesson.

Perhaps the subject would be touchy at the moment? I'm actually at the SHOT show right now, and gawking in horrified awe at S&W's apparent decision that if all the cool kids are jumping off a bridge, yes, you should to it too:

Steve Bodio said...

NC--!!! I didn't like the Taurus version and I don't like the Smith-- a MORE EXPENSIVE big dumb unbalanced revolver. With a copycat name.

M "35": a reader has been helping. Gun is strange-- should have 6" barrel according to markings-- possible 2 serial numbers-- made from two? Any ideas?