Monday, May 16, 2011

Real Zoo Short # 8: Fruit Loops

A woman I shall call SP was what we had as a semi- vet before Dr S. She had her moments. Paul remembers:

"I recall SP always wore white, I think because she wasn't a vet but liked to correct people when they called her Dr. P. The main thing I recall was her constant use of writing reminder notes on her white sleeves. Always had little squiggly blue lines all over. And I admired her acid tongue. I recall when John, the Environmentalist Zoomobile guy (I think he only lasted one season), suddenly realized that our barrels of mosquito and fly spray that was stored behind the barn (by the parking lot) actually contained POISON. Oh my! When he told SP of this revelation, she looked him dead in the eye, and stated: "Well, ya know, John. You can't kill mosquitoes with Fruit Loops." And walked away."

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Heather Houlahan said...

I believe the spelling is "froot" loops.

"Fruit" implies that they contain some, which would clearly be actionable.

And on that note, I am not entirely convinced that she was right.

The BT dunk that I toss into my garden pond is oddly familiar-looking.