Wednesday, July 06, 2011

New Bird

My first Harris, from Matt Mitchell. Something of a revelation as despite the fact he never saw a dog or a human other than Matt until he arrived here 40 minutes from his natal chamber, he is calm and considered. Intelligent bird! And I hope my "shotgun hawk", like my light 20 enabling my continuing pursuit(s)...

Re blogging: be patient please! A lot on my plate but a lot coming...


CZLion said...

No worries. I look forward to all your posts & time is irrelevant.

Now to find a light 20 - the old Red Label seems too heavy and the Lightening 12, heavier.


Andrew Campbell said...


Congratulations! You are becoming the King of Svelte. Wanted to have called by now with good news, but we are still stuck in PHX. Hopefully the monsoon will come soon.

All best

Anonymous said...

Very nice Bird!

I look forward to picture in action.

have fun.