Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Q o' D

(On racing and boxing, grumpy):

"Riding horses to exhaustion and punching each other in the face under agreed rules are worthwhile and manly pastimes, far better pedigreed and infinitely more exciting than hitting balls with sticks, tossing leather bags across a field, or chasing a puck around on ice."

John Derbyshire


editor said...

Man, I needed that today.

Jim Cornelius

Steve Bodio said...

I know what you mean.

And must get you on the blogroll!

Steve Bodio said...

Oh-- already had!

Retrieverman said...

Does John Derbyshire ever smile?

Steve Bodio said...

Actually like many pessimists he seems a very jolly fellow-- low expectations of humanity perhaps? We have never met but he is a more cheerful correspondent than I'll ever be!

editor said...

Re: blog roll: And I thank you.