Thursday, October 13, 2011


It is that season here in Colorado, so I'll put up a couple of pictures we took at Kenosha Pass a couple of weeks ago.

We were a little early and all of the trees hadn't turned yet. I'm sure they are mostly bare now after the last couple of storms.

And an echo of my railroad post from earlier this week, the remains of a narrow gauge railroad runs over Kenosha Pass. The Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad that was abandoned in 1938.


Peculiar said...

Nice, Reid! Kenosha sure is a pretty place, almost seems like it could be the West Slope instead of the Front Range ; )

Anonymous said...

The only thing better than a stand of autumn gold Aspens, is the wonderful sound the leaves make in those high mountain breezes .... Here in Indiana, we have Aspen cousins, Cottonwoods, that have a very similar rattle, and when I'm really homesick for the Rockies, I wander out to a friend's wooded acreage and settle in for a listen. Not quite the same, but if I close my eyes it almost convinces me.

The Black Dog Lady

Reid Farmer said...

BDL - Prior owners planted a mixed stand of aspens and cottonwoods on the west end of our house as a wind break/summer shade. So we get the sounds of both types of leaves: slightly different, but as you say, both comforting.

Father Peculiar - Kenosha is one of our faves: it's beautiful but quite close and it leads to South Park, which I have always loved.

Congrats again, and I hope y'all are getting some sleep