Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hanging with the Big Bucks

I took this picture from my deck during the snowstorm last Saturday morning.


PBurns said...

Very nice! We have some big ones near the house that ONLY move at night -- I am going to try to get a few pictures. We have at least 1 10 pointer or better.


Reid Farmer said...

We see does, fawns and yearlings all the time, but rarely these big fellas. I imagine they are largely nocturnal, too. I bet the snowstorm gave them enough cover that they felt confident enough to stroll around during the day.

Anonymous said...

The most really BIG bucks I have seen together was a coupla years ago in late summer driving to work. In a grassy field, right out in the open on a bright, sunny day(in an area where deer are also HEAVILY hunted/farmed), there were SEVEN big, beautiful, 8-to-10 point bucks--not a doe in sight! All still in velvet, but fully developed in late summer, and still bright red summer coats. These were Whitetails in the Southeast, of course. Perhaps the boys were just getting together to check each other out closely before the approaching rut? It was a stunning scene though.....L.B.