Sunday, October 09, 2011

Matt's Whereabouts

Hello All! I'm still here, reading and enjoying the continuing chatter at Querencia.

"Been busy" is inadequate to explain my lack of correspondence; so to overstate it only a little, I sometimes feel I've been travelling for two years down a long tunnel, away from myself: Little writing for pleasure; falconry pared to bare-essentials; contemplative reading replaced with scanning and abstracting---a cut-and-paste mental life facilitated by smart phones. 

But it's more likely just the commonplace post-40 existence, with our one-mortgage/two-income family, two pre-teen children and four aging parents.  It's a lot to do and talk about at the same time.

Here's a small blog contribution from my morning hunt.  This is Rina the whippet and Ernie the Harris's hawk, hunting in the tall weeds near home.

Notice the big crop.  The team might have spoiled our Tuesday hunt with their Sunday morning gluttony...

UPDATE: My friend Tyler called just after dark for help pulling a deer (this adult buck with stunted rack, "still good for meat") from the woods behind our neighborhood.  It's bow season, and this is Tyler's first kill for the year.  A small buck, says Tyler, but big enough to feed three families.


Cat Urbigkit said...

Nice to have you back Matt, hope things eventually smooth out for you. Really great to see such a handsome Ernie!

Matt Mullenix said...

Thanks Cat---no worries. All will be well!

mdmnm said...

Post up, man! (He says carefully not looking in the mirror.)
Glad to see you all are doing well.