Sunday, December 04, 2011

Star of India

As I said in my rock art post earlier this week, early in the week I was in Boise for a field trip and agency meeting for a project in that area. Thursday, I flew from Boise to San Diego for a field trip and public meeting for a power plant project down there on Friday. A good week for airline miles.

We took a walk on the San Diego waterfront Thursday evening and saw the Star of India, a tall ship tied up at the maritime museum. It has lots of lights spread on its masts and yards.

This elegant ship was also tied up at the museum, but I didn't get its name.

Our field trip and meetings went well, but our return to Denver on Saturday was a shock to the system. It was 65 degrees in SoCal when we left, but 3 degrees in Denver when we got home that night.


Peculiar said...

"Which the doctor's got so drunk he ain't recognized the barky...."

Is it not the HMS Surprise?

Reid Farmer said...

Probably about the right size.

Not one of your xebec frigates for sure!

Peculiar said...

But Reid, I'm serious:

I happened to know because Mrs. P toured it a year ago, much to my envy.

Andrew Campbell said...

Reid: I hope you had a chance to see the steam-yacht Medea at the Maritime Museum, as well. My great-great grandfather was the original captain of that vessel -- when my grandmother went to visit ten years ago, the Museum treated her like royalty and did a nice feature on her for their newsletter.

all best