Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Maggie 1999 - 2012 RIP

Maggie, our Lab-Dalmatian mix, was diagnosed with terminal cancer back in October. After a couple of early emergencies, she seemed to stabilize and was able to spend time with us through the New Year in reasonable comfort. That gave her a chance to say good-bye to our children who came to visit over the holidays. We were able to arrange things with a vet so her last time was here at home with us and her Aussie “sister” Sadie.

Maggie was kind of an accidental dog for us. When we lived in Tehachapi, daughter Lauren brought home this cute puppy she picked up at a horse show in Bakersfield and we didn’t have the heart to send her back, though we hadn’t planned on another dog. She made two moves with us from Tehachapi to Santa Barbara and from there to Colorado.

She spent her early years working on a reputation as an escape artist and we had to bail her out of the Santa Barbara pound a couple of times. I definitely got the impression she really wanted to go back to Tehachapi. Later, she seemed to prefer our semi-rural setting here in Colorado to suburban life.

With age, she settled down and became a devoted pet. She particularly attached herself to me. She also became a stern but affectionate older sister to Sadie when she joined us in Santa Barbara. Sadie even re-taught Maggie how to play, something she had seldom done when she was a pup.

An amusing aspect of Maggie’s middle and older years was the enormous affection she had for Lauren’s dog Monty, a five-pound Yorkie. There were best pals and Maggie would lie on the floor so Monty could reach her muzzle without jumping.

What can you say? We were her life. She was a loved member of our family. We miss her.

Here Maggie and I are hiking at St. Mary's Glacier in Colorado.

In Santa Barbara, Lauren loads Maggie with friends Monty and Sadie for a trip to Maggie's all-time favorite place, Hendry's Beach.


Gil said...

Reid, it is tough losing a dog. Sometimes you don't know how much a part of a family until they are gone. My old tri-color Aussie Roscoe (put another cat on the barbie) died this past August and every so often I absently mindly expect to see him at the door when I come home. A friend sent me these wonderful quotes and I hope they will have meaning to you and your family. http://www.dogquotations.com/grieving-and-loss.html Gil

Reid Farmer said...

Thank you.

Chas Clifton said...

Too bad, Reid, she sounds like a good family dog for all those years.

Matt Mullenix said...

Cheers to Maggie!

Reid Farmer said...

Thanks, guys. She was a good girl