Thursday, February 02, 2012

Querencia Country Part 2: Town

Casa Q, and just around the corner looking south to the Magdalenas, winter and early, dry summer:

... and, looking west, a lurid monsoon sunset in July..

All photos within a hundred yards from where I type.


The Suburban Bushwacker said...

The pictures look just the ones in your book :-)

How about some shots of the bar, store, and of course Clan Torres?


Steve Bodio said...

I can certainly do the Spur, under good management again after a rough patch.

As for the rest, you must remember that Q- The- Book ends in 1986. "Johnny UK" would not recognize the inside of the Spur, and the other bars are all closed, including Juan's West Bar; the stores are different. Most of the characters-- not just B, but Floyd, Shirley, and all of the older Torreses-- are dead. (Chubby is still around and well).

Twenty six years take a toll-- in 86 my hair was still black. The land endures, and looks the same. And I WILL show more contemporary town shots-- thanks for reminding.

Anonymous said...

"The Old Town looks the same "-to quote the Tom Jones classic song!

We are all a little older,I fear, but the essence of Magdelena shines through- Hope to get back one day - The Spur sure sounds fine again...................


Anonymous said...

Although you HAVE posted landscape photos before, none this good(in my opinion) showing what your daily view(wow!) is--it clarified your wonderful home a lot better for moi, that's for sure. And for an Easterner, it IS quite spectacular and exotic! And "redundant"? Beautiful/interesting scenery shots can never be redundant--even if that was all that you ever posted! I love Cat's Wyoming scenery and habitats, and Reid's occaisional home shots and archaeological sites as well! Now Matt needs to show us more of the Louisiana woods and swamps! I'd send some photos of the unique(and threatened) Uwharrie "mountains" here in N. C., but alas, I don't have the technological ability or tools necessary. But the "redundant" comment reminded me of reading a snide and cynical critic's review of the movie "Dances With Wolves" years ago--he was obviously a dang city feller--and his comment that guaranteed I'd go see that movie in the theatre was: "ENTIRELY too many sunsets!". As this critic(?) gets older and realizes his mortality, perhaps he would now like to see a few more sunsets, I'm thinking....L.B.