Sunday, March 18, 2012


The kind of things I might use in the book of 100. Covers are obvious, and will obviously be the majority, but here are a few other ideas.

From the top: a couple of "twofers"; a letter from Angus Cameron to Jack O'Connor, both in it, on Jack's New Yorker review (for the Rifle Book!), and Russ Chatham's portrait of a young Tom McGuane (both in also, several ways) for "Heart of the Game" in the first issue of Outside magazine.

Next, art and typography: salmon woodcut by Dalgleish for an arty edition of Walton's Angler; pages from a facsimile of same; kudu from a first edition of Green Hills. Finally, a cover and some author pics: the late Robert F Jones' first novel Blood Sport, by the guy who used to do Carlos Castenada; the jacket photo for that, when he was really BAD Bob; the mellower sporting sage that Libby knew, never quite knowing why he had such a nickname. As always click or double to enlarge.

There will be more...

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