Thursday, March 15, 2012

Neanderthal Use of Eagle Talons

Steve's friend Laura Niven sent this interesting journal article that apparently documents the modification of raptor talons by Neanderthals for use as jewelry or some other symbolic use. This is in line with the discovery in recent years of Neanderthal manufactured shell beads and pendants, Neanderthal use of ochre pigments, and possible Neanderthal cave art. It is beginning to appear that they were cognitively more like us than previously thought.

A place I always go for informed commentary on topics like this is John Hawks Weblog: Paleoanthropology, Genetics, and Evolution. Hawks is a paleoanthropologist on the faculty at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Here is his take on Neanderthals and raptor talons.


Anonymous said...

Eagle talon pendants aren't just decorative; they make great tooth pickers to get out those stubborn shreds of half-cooked mammoth meat between your molars!....L.B.

Retrieverman said...

Neanderthals were talon-ted.

Reid Farmer said...

Neanderthals were talon-ted


Heh! It's always the right time for a bad pun

A. Lane Batot said...

Where's the bad pun?....L.B.

A. Lane Batot said...

Awright! I got me one a them thar "Google Accounts" now! If'n I don't git reprimanded for it(this yere bein' a work computer....), I won't have to be just another "Anonymous" inny more!.....L.B.(oops, force of habit....)

Reid Farmer said...

Awright! I got me one a them thar "Google Accounts" now!

Congrats, Lane!