Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Riss & Tavi show

She is hunting again now, with Tavi and neighbor/ cousin Mars, and playing more including with big shaggy "uncle" Gaddi...

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Josh said...

Those are some great pictures!

I've been trying to find some more concise statements on your dog philosophy, but I must confess that I'm often distracted by two children, a job hunt, trying to write professionally (yeah, right), etc.

Last December, my dog of 13 years passed away, and I'm looking for a dog that is as good as she, a border collie/golden retriever (or irish setter) mix. She was amazing.

The more I look into dogs, the more I wish I could find such a great mix, and the more (re)interested I become in dogs and folks' thoughts about them. I know you have tremendous insights into this, and I'm curious to hear some ideas both in general and just for me about dog breeds and such. I am much more inclined to get a mix breed, and I do want a hunter, for sure.