Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ancient Brindle Tazi

From Jess: "Abdullah Kahn II of the Shaybanid dynasty ruled Transsoxiana from his capital at Bukhara from 1583-1598. He is attended by a falconer with a hooded bird and his saddle is a falconer's drum."

Art circa 1618. Bird is a Gos with neck band as is his successor below (Khyber Pass '70's, Catherine Lassez). Right or double click for large.

Jess adds: "Note the fringed ears. NOT a greyhound type."


A. Lane Batot said...

I am reading a SPLENDID book about wild boar("The Golden Bristled Boar" by Jeffery Greene)--I had been trying to find some good books on wild pigs--there ain't many out there, despite how incredibly interesting and such influence they have had on our history and in hunting, so I was thrilled to find this excellent book covering just about anything regarding boars(hunting, natural history, evolution, legends, and recipes!) by an author living in heavily populated boar country in France. Anyway. on page 31 there is an illustration of an old painting from India of a boar hunt utilizing classic examples of Tazi-like oriental sighthounds(the only dogs in the painting)--light and dark colored, and even a couple of piebald ones--I wonder if some enterprising computer whiz out there could reproduce that on this blog? The title is "Raja Jawan Singh of Mewan hunting wild boar, watercolor painting from Udaipur, 1835.(Photo c Victoria ans Albert Museum, London.)

Jess said...

You want the last one on this link, Lane: