Friday, September 14, 2012

Becasse, Becassine

We had our first cold snap last night and it somehow has me thinking of the family of snipe, mysterious and delicious migrants. Got them on the wall, pictures of hunts past, and memories, but sure would like to hunt either. Snipe are in the state at least; Tom Daly shot these in Colorado before they arrived in the library.

These more famous ones aren't bad either.

But a bird in the hand is even better, in any year-- this woodcock was back east in '76, and my last were in 1987. The gun is a Parker 16, long gone...

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danontherock said...

I was out with my bird dogs today. WE had several stands on snipe. The season for snipe , grouse is open and
ptarmigan opens this coming Saturday. Saturday I will be carrying my shotgun.

I am hungry at the moment that heightens the anticipation of hunting for me.
Can't wait to eat fresh birds