Sunday, September 09, 2012

Hound Pix of the week

Lure coursing-- Jutta Rubesam's Nhubia in Germany:


Anonymous said...

What kind of creature is that last one? I like it.


Chas Clifton said...

That is a lure made out of plastic tape?

Anonymous said...

That's a more interesting plastic lure than just the usual white trash bag! I once stupidly wondered why they didn't use a real fox or coyote or rabbit or other type pelt--that would certainly make a MUCH more interesting lure for the dogs! But, I was thinking in canine terms, NOT in a hyper-humane-no animals-were-harmed-for-this-activity sort-of way. And I am not about to admit I stupidly blurted this to a (unknown to me) bystanding humaniac at a lure coursing event! Not realizing, of course(pun not intended) this was the WHOLE POINT of "lure" coursing to most participating! I know better now than to voice such an opinion at such an event......(but dogs would still prefer a real animal hide to chase and maul!)....L.B.