Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hunting Quotes

Teddy Moritz sends two lovely ones from a German hunting site-- her translations I think:

"Who denies that love and hunting are related passions, has never hunted."

She likes this one even better:

"Who never hunted,
and never loved,
never sought the scent of flowers,
never trembled at the sound of music,
is not a man but a donkey."

Interesting how there is more of this kind of stuff on the Continent-- a kind of English Puritanism perhaps?


Retrieverman said...

Germany is one of the few countries in which hunter participation has been on the increase.,,2335758,00.html

One of the surnames in my close pedigree is Jaeger. I can't type the a with umlaut, but you know what that word means.

Retrieverman said...

I think the Germans have also done a much better job incorporating "green" politics with hunting than the English-speakers have.

I was attacked on an anti-hunting Facebook page for not being a conservationist-- mainly because I thought it was okay to shoot animals.