Sunday, November 04, 2012

James Trujillo, RIP

My friend James "Viejo" Trujillo died today after a long struggle with diabetes. I'll have a proper bio and memorial later, and a few stories. Raise a glass...

Update 8 November: his card. Normal service to resume after (still another) funeral...

(A happy Viejo story, previously blogged but worth repeating...)

... for a while almost 20 years ago he leased the bar. I was working in a corner there as I always have, when three junior cowboys from a neighboring county (guess which?) came in. One was offended by the sight of someone reading and was suddenly leaning over me: "Where you from?"

I said back with just a little less attitude: "Here." Went back to editing. Kid shoves me: "Where you REALLY from?"

"HERE!" I stand up as he says "Where'r you born?"

... I am answering and starting to push back, at which point James is suddenly between us saying "He told you three fuckin' times: HE'S FROM HERE!"

"He is... and you're not. Your money is no good; the drinks are on me. Finish up... then you and your friends leave, and don't come back."

They left and I said, "Viejo, you didn't have to do that." He replied "The hell I didn't! You drink your drink and shut up or I'll throw your sorry ass out too."

And one more for now with this wonderful language, a statement that only a cowboy could say. Around the same time as the last tale, some boors were badmouthing women in general on James's watch at the Spur. He took it as long as he could, then came over, put his hands on the bar, and said: "I don't know about you boys, but that ol gal I'm married to?-- she's one good son of a bitch!"


Unknown said...

I'm so sorry Steve. Another devastating chronic disease. Mary Ann

Anonymous said...

Great stories.