Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Granddogs: The Kids are Alright

Photos from Terence Wright prove that the descendants of the late Plummer, the creaky Lashyn, and the still healthy Taik and Kyran are doing well at that rarest and oldest form of team pursuit hunting here in New Mexico:

Fubar is a perfect example of how falconry can rehabilitate a seemingly hopeless bird. Terence wrote: "The Prairie falcon is a 2010 bird that had severe bumble foot and trashed feathers when I got her [from a rescue outfit SB] in 2011... Here's a couple of pics of how the prairie looked when I got her, she was released in this state and found starving a week later. She has proved to be the sweetest nicest prairie falcon you could wish for despite all she has been through. The plan is to hunt her all winter and release her at the end of March."

I would have thought she might never fly again with wings like this-- and her feet were worse. Congratulations to Terence, and to all my granddogs again.


Anonymous said...

Hi Steve and Libby

Great you can keep up the tradition of the Boxing Day Hunt in US!....

Happy New Year from all over here in UK


Anonymous said...

Hi Steve

Rather apt quote from my favourite living Philosopher, Roger Scruton, as thousands of UK spectators watched the traditional Boxing Day Meets depart , despite the Ban.

" Hunting with hounds....continues, not because hunting people wish to defy the laws, but because an activity so central to their lives can no more be stopped than their heartbeats"

Amen to that !- I feel exactly the same about gamebird shooting !

Happy New Year to all Querencia readers.