Tuesday, January 01, 2013

New Year at the Spur

Our annual tradition: seeing out the year at the Golden Spur Saloon. A selection:

House band: manager Monana Pettis and chef Linda Rael, heading up the ever- evolving 86'd Again, offer up a stomping rock version of Folsom Prison Blues:

(It is a matter of being a local I suppose-- it had to be pointed out that an oryx or a bighorn or a javelina wearing a hat are not usual ornaments for a band stage...)

Below: owner Darrel Pettis beams; Bobby Contreras show off his moves; bartender Cat Aragon smiles a BIT wearily (she teaches full time too); Juan Malvido is having too much fun...

Happy New Year from Querencia and the Spur.


Wendy L said...

HI Stephen,
Do you remember me--Wendy Marston? We went on that trip to Zimbabwe years and years ago?

I thought of you because my 5 year old son Bruno is very interested in hawks and I remembered your birds and found your blog. We are printing photos of you and your animals to take to his science teacher. You look great. I'm catching up on your doings now.


Steve Bodio said...

Of COURSE I remember you, and often think of Zimbabwe, and how much fun we had after my fear that you were going to be a total Manhattanite rather than a delightful inhabitant of both the City and western Colorado. Remember "good shoe sense"? I still sometimes read HCN though I thought your folks had a more nuanced view...

Kind of you to say I look good --an old white haired guy with Parkinson's & arthritis but still adventuring & writing books. I am occasionally a bit haunted by the idea that my partially genetic conditions may have been triggered by the damn malignant Malaria I got there-- never was remotely heavy again, and got down to 125 pounds in a week of fever-- or the meds that it took to get rid of it. And of course haunted by the fall of Zimbabwe...

Email me at "ebodio- at- gilanet dot- com" and catch up!