Friday, February 08, 2013

Quiet days

We aren't having much of a winter here in western Wyoming, with not nearly as much snow as we've come to expect. While I'm keeping my fingers crossed for major snow storms to hit later on, or a rainy spring, the wildlife sure seem to be benefiting from the mild conditions. These pronghorn antelope appear to be in excellent condition.
But at this time of year, we expect critters to look more like this (Roo the burro):
I've had a busy and somewhat unusual start to 2013. My book, The Guardian Team: On the Job With Rena and Roo, was named Book of the Year by the American Farm Bureau Federation. They flew me to Nashville to receive the award, and sign hundreds of books.
I also got to hang out with Jack Hanna.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Hud the herding dog guards Jim's lunch box. He has nothing else to do this time of year.


Anonymous said...

So is Hud guarding the lunch box, or trying to figure out how to open it??? And you were in Nashville? That's almost in my neck-of-the-woods! I might have come over to visit with you if I had known. But then, that's probably why I didn't know......L.B.

Cat Urbigkit said...

Actually, Hud uses it as a chin-rest in the morning, as he watches the door to be sure that Jim's the only one leaving.

The Nashville gig was fast and furious. When an organization hosts me for a big event, I tell them to use the heck out of me while I'm there, and they do. I had two speaking engagements and two book signings in three days.

Lane, I hope to be closer to your neck of the woods in January 2014. I'm trying to set up an art show in Charleston, SC in conjunction with a convention to be held there.

Anonymous said...

An ART show? Photography maybe? I'm curious.... Let me know(or just post it on the blog) and if I'm still alive, I'll try to come visit! It might have to be outside the show, however--they ain't likely to let my sort inside......L.B.

Cat Urbigkit said...

Yes, art. Black and white images of pastoralists from around the globe. I'll post more about the project sometime soon. We're busy planning and writing up the specifics now.

Lane, if all else fails, I can join you outside to howl at the moon. I've been known to do such things.

Anonymous said...

Awright! Let's hope it's a full moon. Did one of those intruding predator wolves bite you or something in the past? That's what happened to me. So be prepared--if you here howling outside the Art Gallery, it might be me. Hopefully it won't be followed by sirens howling. Damned civilized places......L.B.