Sunday, March 03, 2013

Amigos de Sevilleta

... soo-- to my absolute shock, I find myself, after many years' absence from the refuge, appointed vice-president of Amigos de Sevilleta, a non-profit organization that exists to inform the public about the refuge and its mission, and arrange for events like birding and plant tours for the public. We want to make this utterly unique refuge, its beauty, and its scientific studies common knowledge for all curious naturalists, from birders to botanists. To that end, expect regular updates from the Sevilleta: history, science, animals, plants, and whatever else comes up (prairie dog re- intro?)

To start with a teaser question: what do the Empire State Building and the Sevilleta NWR have in common? This is NOT a trick question!

1 comment:

Peculiar said...

Congratulations, very cool! I suppose your top priority in office will be securing special access for dedicated landscape photographers?

No clue as to the Empire State question, though I can imagine cute answers such as "They both exceed 1,000 feet of elevation change" or "They're both suitable venues for a lurid suicide."