Wednesday, March 06, 2013


I first noticed this bug graffiti on a retaining wall last October. It's on the east side of South Parker Road at about the Arapahoe County line. I don't drive that stretch very often so I don't know when it would have gone in, but I doubt if it was earlier than last summer.

They look kind of like roaches to me - what do you think?

The artist hit both sides of the wall. I assume the red swirls are a signature. I wonder what the significance of the single pink bug in the group of black ones might be. He/she must have pulled the juniper sapling back to paint behind it.

Seeing this reminded me of a post I did early last year about a graffiti depiction of a bison hunt on some culverts at the north end of Denver.


Nathaniel Fitch said...

They do not look like roaches to me. The antennae are too short, as are the limbs, and there are no cerci.

Reid Farmer said...

Obviously entomology is not my strong suite