Monday, March 04, 2013

Denver Art Museum - O'Keeffe and More

On Saturday, Connie and I went to the Denver Art Museum to take a look at a special exhibit on "Georgia O'Keeffe in New Mexico." A centerpiece in the exhibit was a collection of drawings and paintings of katchina dolls O'Keeffe had done in her early visits to New Mexico that have previously been little remarked.

After leaving the special exhibit we strolled through the Western Art gallery that had been reorganized since our last visit. We saw this large (51 x 34) 1961 Russell Chatham oil No Place for Disdain. Afterward I thought I might find it in my usual reference for Chatham's earlier work, his One Hundred Paintings, but didn't see it in there. As near as I can tell, the museum acquired it at auction a couple of years ago.

Also in that gallery was a new (to me) Maynard Dixon oil Wide Lands of the Navajo painted in 1945, the year before his death. Those clouds again.

We also made a quick visit to part of the Native American gallery. It's always wonderful to look at the Museum's Navajo textile collection.

And finally I got to revisit one of my favorite things in that gallery, a little Zuni bowl decorated with a water-bug and tadpole motif.


Moro Rogers said...

Are they sure it's a water bug and not a horn toad?

Reid Farmer said...

Might be a frog, probably not a horned toad. Zuni ceramics use frogs, tadpoles, water bugs and dragon flies as motifs often together on the same pot. Water bug played a role in the Zuni origin myth.

I like the look on this guy's face