Tuesday, March 26, 2013


There comes a time in life when you realize that everything is a dream. Only those things that have been written down have any possibility of being real. That’s all that exists in the end: what’s been written down.

- James Salter


Steve Bodio said...

Do you have the new Salter? I just read (good) about it in Harper's?

Anonymous said...

"....and there is a dream dreaming us." Xhabbo the Bushman, in the SUPERB novels by Van der Poste; "A Story Like The Wind", and the kick-ass sequel, "A Far Off Place"....L.B.

Reid Farmer said...

I don't have the new novel. I stumbled across this quote in what I believe was some publicity work for its release in this youtube video:


He still writes on an IBM Selectric.

Though I appreciate (most) of his novels, my favorite work of his is the memoir "Burning the Days."

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