Monday, May 06, 2013

House Finches

Here is a yellow variant house finch with his lady friend out at our feeders a few days ago. From what I understand, these aren't all that rare, but this was the first time I had ever seen one.

Here is one of his more "normal" colored cousins by way of comparison - actually from the same flock. Wish I could have gotten a side-by-side picture.

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Darrell said...

We have a bunch of house finches at work--they build nests in overhead light fixtures under the eaves on the south patio. They're very entertaining. The females sometimes flutter their wings and chirp and chatter at the males, who eventually 'kiss' or feed the females. I assume this is mating behavior?

Occasionally, when one of the males is singing in one of the trees outside the patio, I'll engage him by whistling back. I'll start with a simple 'weet', to which he'll sometimes reply. I'll then whistle a few notes, and again, he'll reply. I then whistle Battle of New Orleans, which he thinks about, and then leaves. LOL