Saturday, June 22, 2013

Almost Random Links

So much information, so many stories, scientific discoveries, photos, art worthy of note-- is it the Net or am I just getting slow? A quick run...

Al Cambronne's Deerland is the best book ever about the state of the whitetail deer, its numbers, problems, fans both hunting and non, maniacal fans, and detractors. I liked the earlier books on the whitetail- human edge by Jan Dizard and Richard Nelson, but if you don't collect deer books and want to read one, get this. Cambronne is an "adult beginner" deer hunter and never loses his sense of amazement at the whole spectacle, and tells a good tale. And check out his blog here.

Martin Mayer, artist- mechanic extraordinaire from Albuquerque, sends an amazing video  to charm all of us interested in science and art (credit to Michael Young).

Annie Davidson sends a link demonstrating just how odd mantis shrimp are .

How to play with your falcon when game is scarce? Thanks to Christopher Landauer at Border Wars.

Dog genetics: we are figuring it out, but meanwhile controversies about when and where dogs first appear continue to swirl. The most recent date seems far too much so if archaeological remains in many places are correctly dated.

Itilga, assembled by John Szabo: dog hawks and hawk dogs, chasing hares in dusty New Mexico. It's what we do.

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Moro Rogers said...

Hey! My husband and I mountain bike, maybe we could get Redbull to sponsor a stunt like that for us. (Well, er...probably not.=p)