Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Random Ravens

This picture Daniela sent of her many years ago in Alpaugh with one of Dan Belkin's ravens promted me to go to Wiki, where I found this pic of a huge species in Ethiopia dining on scraps from a still bigger bird's dinner.

".... the lozenged tail of the pseudo- phoenix the lambslayer's

water and golden eye, his breast feathers rusted from long contact
with oxides and bone and his long remiges comfortable with pure air"

--"Lammergeier", Helen Macdonald

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Retrieverman said...

Lammergeier = Bearded vulture= the ones that take bones up into the sky and drop them on jagged rocks to eat the marrow.

I am raven fan. I hate crows. I think they are annoying and far less intelligent. Ravens, though, have a certain amount of dignity about them.

A few weeks ago, I saw three ravens standing next to a road-killed deer carcass. They looked almost like mourners at a funeral. They were all standing there with their bills down.

I find it interesting that turkey vultures and ravens are never at the same roadkills. They must have an antipathy to each other. I see crows with both turkey vultures and ravens, but never turkey vultures and ravens together.