Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Local Color

I figured as long as I was doing a post on a Mississippi subject, I probably should add in some pictures that show the local atmosphere. Here is a picture of the statue to the Confederate war dead on the town square in Oxford, in front of the Lafayette (pronounced luh-FAY-ette) County courthouse. I had seen it a number of times before, but just noticed this time it wasn't erected until 1907.

Also on the town square is this life-sized bronze of William Faulkner, sitting on a bench in front of city hall as he was wont to do in life.

Here is a cotton field, with the bolls burst open and about ready to pick.

And finally here is some kudzu, the national plant of Mississippi.

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Anonymous said...

Dissapointing that the Faulkner statue didn't have a representation of one of his faithful Rat Terriers beside him.....And do you guys all know how to plant Kudzu? You drop a seed and RUN!.....L.B.