Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Can't quit!

I will bribe somebody to drag me away from this computer soon, but a few things like this last (?) bunch of Laramie photos by Malcolm Brooks (click to embiggen) keep coming in.
Artist Katrina van Grouw of The Unfeathered Bird, and me, in Laramie bar

Carlos's incredible library-- I am holding a Spanish first ed of Linnaeus

Carlos with a book from the 1500's. That dial spins!

Nate Heineke's rifle works

Me & Old Gunkie with dead eagle


Unknown said...

Looks like maybe the Buckhorn Bar in the first photo. Wish I could have been there.

Steve Bodio said...

Good call!

Unknown said...

Hey Steve,
Not sure why my comments are coming up as Unknown, but wanted to let you know that it was me wishing I could be there. Looks like my kind of crowd. John Carlson

Anonymous said...

Best wishes from your #1 fan in Missouri. If it is possible, I may enjoy your blog more than the great writing in your books.
All of the best to you,
Tim Earney

Steve Bodio said...

Thanks, Tim, and don't worry-- can't leave it long, & more coming soon..