Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Three gurus and three guns: a silly photo post

I haven't gone far. I have gotten several notes from friends who seem to think I am in some kind of death spiral. Not at all-- just trying to get some work done under physiological conditions that make it difficult. I will post more pics and short stuff -- and keep trying to master new technology and schedules that will allow me to write (at least two more books, especially, for much needed money as well as fun).

In this spirit: three gurus in Nepal? Well the city is right-- Katmandu last week-- but on the left is Jean Louis Lassez, French- born proprietor of Muleshoe Ranch on the west side of the Magdalenas, for more than 20 years now. Libby says he is an inspired combination of Yosemite Sam and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.  Hmmmm.
Three guns? Jim Caldwell took this perfectly but unintentionally arranged pic of my three favorite firearms in Laramie last week. With these three and a .22 you could hit the ground running anywhere and not worry...

Double or right- click for big image. NONE are for sale (though some others are! )

UPDATE: Jim, whose house this photo was taken at, blogs on these guns at Old Gunkie in Wyoming :  A Sportsman's Working Battery.
And for something completely different (you do now Monty Python is touring again in their seventies?): JL and Catherine Lassez as Soixante - Huitards in Paris ca.-- what else?-- 1968. They do emanate a certain post- apocalyptic chic here...

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