Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Best Coursing Photos of the Year!

Terence Wright sent these pics from the Albuquerque gang last night. His, Greg's, and Warren's dogs at least are represented, and Greg's gyr cross Spook.

 I am envious-- come on down! Meanwhile, right click to enlarge as always.
I believe these last two are double grandchildren of Ataika and Lashyn.
UPDATE: the black dog is the Kaeppler's, of Persian and English stock- thanks, Paul D.
Our local rare blacks , from Kazakh stock, tend to have white and tan marks on the front of their breasts; not like an Arabian "tanpoint", less anyway... a bit of  inheritance from the taigan, their mountain cousin? Shakula says of such dogs that they "have the blood of the ancient dragon,"


Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,
The black dog in the first and last photos is a Persian X English bred saluki of Val and Steve Kaeppler.


Steve Bodio said...

Thanks Paul. I kept trying to imagine Warren's Lilly (who I have never seen!) but the dog was too damn BLACK-- no tan. Leggy, too. Persian will do it.

Mark Farrell-Churchill said...

Oh my gods, that looks like fun. (Not that I mind bunny hawking with redtails...)

Anonymous said...

Superb photographs - a dream saved to enjoy again and again and again.

Lady With The Black Dogs

Teddy said...

The photo of the merle dog with the gyr at its shoulder reminds me of a sight years ago when my lurcher was running along a mountain path, in a wooded area, and a wild, immature gos flew with her at her shoulder, pulling off after a bit. Just curious I'd guess, but a long remembered scene.

Anonymous said...

Some of the best shots of the coursing dogs and hawks together I've seen!....L.B.