Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Feeder Frenzy

I understand it is warmer at home now (I am currently in Arkansas visiting family) but a week and a half ago we had several inches of snow and some subzero cold. It drove a lot of visitors to the feeders.

Like these American Tree Sparrows. I am always intrigued by their two-toned bill.

And this American Goldfinch. I always find it amazing that this is the same bright yellow bird we see in the spring.

This Dark-eyed Junco (Pink-sided). We most commonly get this and the Slate-colored race.

This Black-capped Chickadee has grabbed a sunflower seed and is launching back into the pine tree to chow down.

And finally this Spotted Towhee, one of four who are common visitors.

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Darrell said...

I'm in the Springs. We had a robin perched on a parking lot light at work yesterday. I thought they were gone for the winter.