Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My other favorite raptor painting...

It's a goshawk, probably to no one's surprise-- a tiny watercolor by Tom Quinn, "Two Shades of Blue". The week after he painted it he sent me a transparency, writing "This fell out of my brush..." The painted gos is actually smaller in real life (of the painting I mean) than a Steller's jay, her prey and the other "Shade of Blue" in his title. I liked it so much I persuaded Tom to let me use it for the cover of the paperback (the prettier) edition of my On the Edge of the Wild. And it , like Ching's lanner, is in the permanent collection at Jackson Hole.
(This version is cropped a bit on the left side but was the only good one I could find).

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Unknown said...

Her eye says it all, doesn't it?